Where do I send my check for my mail-in payment?

Not all events will offer the mail-in payment option. To best indicate that an event offers this option, a checkbox will appear on the very first page of registration labeled Pay By Check. If you do NOT see this option during the registration process, then the event you are registering for does not allow you to mail in a check to imATHLETE.

Checks that are sent to imATHLETE for events that do not allow it will NOT be processed. You must contact the event organizers to explore potential payment alternatives.

If the Pay By Check box is available, you will still need to submit your participant information online. After checking out, you will receive a Purchase Confirmation to print out and mail in along with your check.



Mail-in registrations must also include the service fee listed on the receipt, so your payment must match exactly the amount listed on your receipt.

Make checks payable to:

And mail that baby to:

2800 28th Street, Suite 385 
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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