Can I register multiple people in the same transaction?

Absolutely! With imATHLETE you can register as many people as you want and pay for it all in one transaction. Check it out:

  • Go through the registration process and fill out all of your information

  • Once you have entered all of your information you will be able to review your order. You’ll also see button that says "Register More People". Click that.

    • Selecting this option will take you back to the beginning of the registration process

  • On the first page of registration, check the box that says "I am registering someone other than myself"

    • Don't worry, they'll have an opportunity to sign the waiver later on.

  • Enter all of the next person's participant information

    • Make sure you enter their email address so that they can get their waiver and confirmation code.

  • Continue to do this until everyone has been entered.

  • Complete checkout

Ka-BLAM! You're done and everybody is registered. Don't forget to post about it on Facebook!

Please note: T
he “Register More People” button will not appear on drawing registrations. If you are looking to register another participant, you will need to submit payment for the first participant and repeat the process for the second.


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