Registration not appearing in My Events section

There are a couple of reasons why your event registration may not be showing up in your imATHLETE profile:


Reason #1: You were not logged into your imATHLETE account when you registered

Reason #2: You created a profile after you registered


But rest assured, we should be able to get registration attached to your profile. Every evening as the rest of the world is sleeping, our techno-elves scan all new imATHLETE accounts and see if there are registrations that should be connected with them.
In the case of your events, just give it a day and see if they now show up in your profile.


Oh, and to avoid this problem in the future, just make sure you are logged in to imATHLETE before you register for another event.


Did you wait a day and the events still aren't appearing in your My Events section? Just send an email to with your confirmation code and the email address that your imATHLETE account is linked with. We’ll take care of it from there.

In the mean time, you can still access your registration here:

All you need is your confirmation code.


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