My discount code doesn’t work... help!

Discount codes are created and managed by the event organizers (not imATHLETE), but we can give you some tips for making sure you're entering the discount code correctly during registration. Here are some things to check:

Make Sure You're Using the Discount Code Box

Discount codes can be applied on the Cart Review page or Cart Summary page, just before entering your Billing/Shipping information. (Hint: it's not the same as an Invitation Code. If you see a box for that, don't put your discount code there.)

This is what the Cart Review page looks like:

If you forget to enter it there, you can also add it on the Cart Summary page:

Copy and Paste That Badboy

We're all human. Typos happen. In fact, tehre's probably a typo in this article. We get it. Sometimes Os looks like 0s and lower case ls look like upper case Is. To eliminate any possible error, copy and paste your code into the Discount Code box. (Don’t forget to hit the Apply button!)

Still Getting an Error?

That means either a) the discount code you're entering doesn't exist, or b) the the discount code is not valid for whatever you are trying to do.

Discount codes are created and managed by the event organizers (not imATHLETE), and imATHLETE does not have the authorization to modify/extend discounts on behalf of the organizers. (In other words, we can't just give away the event's money. It's a good thing.)

If you really want to use that discount code, you will need to get in touch with the event organizers who will be able to tell you more about the eligibility requirements for the discount code. 

Pro tip: If it's 5 minutes to midnight and registration is about to shut down for good right at 12:00 am, eat that $5 (or whatever the discount) and finish your registration without the discount if you really want to be sure you get a spot in the event. You might not be able to get a refund for the discount later, but at least you'll get to participate in the event.

How to Contact the Event Organizers

Learn how to find the event's contact information here.

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