How do I change my name on my registration?

So your husband team captain misspelled your name when filling out your registration form, huh? 

You'll just need to shoot a quick email to the event organizers to see if the event policy allows for that change.

The event organizers must review and approve any requests to change the name on your registration, and so you are not able to change the name on your registration on your own, and imATHLETE is not able to change it for you. 


Why so strict?

In a nutshell, this is to prevent unauthorized registration transfers. A registration transfer involves giving your registration spot to another athlete. Most events have a specific transfer policy and procedure for this, and letting folks change the name on their registrations would allow them to circumvent that process. 


Need to get in touch with the event organizers?

Learn how to find the event's contact information here.

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