Terms of Service

Is there anywhere on the site where the terms of service are listed?

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What airports are nearby? How far is the nearest airport to the race? What type of transportation is there from the airport to the nearby hotels? Are there any shuttle buses? Cabs?

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International phone number

How do I enter an international phone number that doesn't fit the form format? I get an error message.

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gift card

Is it possible to purchase a gift card/certificate for an upcoming race? It would make a great Christmas present for my friend who is interested in running the Capital City Half Marathon in April of 2018. T...

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I just want to pay on line and I don't want to miss the deadline

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changing registration and tshirt info to someone else

I am unable to attend the race and would like to transfer my registration and tshirt to someone else..i am unable to do this

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Is Bluecross Blue Shield offering a discount to its members for the route 66 halfmarathon?

Is there a discount for Blue Cross Blue Shield members for the Route66 halfmarathon?

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Baby Carrier

I am about to register, but have a baby that will not be participating in any of the events as he's too young. But I would like to wear him in a sling as I walk the 1 Mile with my 7-year-old. I would like ...

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how do i see my relay team leg assignments

How do i see my relay team leg assignments?

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how much has my team raised

How can I see how much money my team has raised? I know people have donated to my team, but I am not getting notifications or amounts to go along with it.

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