Baby Carrier

I am about to register, but have a baby that will not be participating in any of the events as he's too young. But I would like to wear him in a sling as I walk the 1 Mile with my 7-year-old. I would like ...

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how do i see my relay team leg assignments

How do i see my relay team leg assignments?

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how much has my team raised

How can I see how much money my team has raised? I know people have donated to my team, but I am not getting notifications or amounts to go along with it.

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Non-Profit & Receipting

Hello, I'd like to know if your company is a non-profit or profit company? This will help me determine how we might process donations that are made through you company. Also, when a donor makes a dona...

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2 person relay & post mark check

Are the 2 person relay team at $115 for the entire triathlon events? May I use the post mark check (7/30/2017) method to register for individual?

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Cycling weight, height and mass.

I am 6'2" tall and am a lean 236 lbs. I ride more than 6,000 miles a year and walk more than 300 miles a year as part of a donation program for animals. When I ride with riders who are shorter and l...

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Packet pick up for Route 66 Williams Half Marathon Relay

Can team captains pick up all packets for team members?

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Vacation entry

I'm already registered for the run. I received an email about a vacation giveaway. When I tried to register for it, could not get past the race application registration. How does one register for the va...

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Bib Personalization

How do I add bib personalization after I've registered for an event?

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Free Press Marathon

Instead of signing up for the Internationall Half marathon, I signed up for the US Half Marathon. My team -Connection Sole is on the International Half Marathon and I need to sign up with them. I have already...

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