Child in stroller - do they also pay

I just signed up 14 Co workers, for the Biggest Little Half Marathon/ 10K/ 5K 2016 and Julie Rich will be my office manager will be bringing her 2 year old baby girl in a stroller - do we need to register and p...

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Booth set up for Gasparilla Run

Who would I contact to see how to set up booth for the business I work for? I would like to do it for the Gasparilla Run!!! Any info would help, Thanks!

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El Nino vs. Trail route

Hi, I'd like to register for the trail run, however, if El Nino hits and the course is muddy, can I switch my registration to the road race? I prefer not to slip and break a hip. Thanks.

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Participants who pay

I know some people who ran the 1/2 marathon last year but didn't pay but were able to receive a medal, get a t-shirt and drink wine. I'm sure you can not control this but it is frustrating to someone...

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Tier 5

What is a preferred tier 5?

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USAT registration renewal - being charge twice at check out

I tried to register for 2 different events, but needed to renew my USAT reg in order to do it. I selected to do it with the first event and then it forced me to do it again with the second event. So then I just...

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Changing USAT License

When I signed up for the Bustor Brittin Tri, which is 8 months away, I only purchased a single day USAT license. If I another Tri to my schedule will I be able to change my purchase to a Annual USAT License?

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Team Registration

I have registered myself for the 1/2 Marathon as an individual runner. Now, I would like to register my 3 sons (1 for 1/2 Marathon and the other two for 5K). How do I register all us under one team and get team...

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I missed the prompt to share on facebook, but I'd like to now so other people can register on my team. Can I do that?

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surf city marthan particpate send international invitation letter

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