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Why does your registration website keep erasing phone numbers and emergency contact phone numbers? I've tried on both iPhone and laptop (IE & Chrome). Registration form cannot be successfully comple...

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I was choosing the wrong route while registering Red rock challenge

Hello - I accidentally chose 50 miles route instead of 61. How can I change my registration for the 61 miles route. Thank you!! Shay.

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Changing teams

I registered for the twin cities 10 mile drawing and thought I had selected the correct team but somehow started a new team. How do I change that and join the team my friends put together? When I log in, "...

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How do I register and what is the cost?

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my team cant except the team invite for the realy

How does my team except the invite? Its not letting them sign up

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My LA Big 5K Information

My Event is almost here at Dodgers Stadium and I have NOT received any information on Bib Pick up and other details on My Walk. For the Santa Monica and Pasadena I received my information about 3 weeks and abou...

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Im trying to change from a full to a half marathon for Modesto

I'm trying to change from a full marathon to a half. Everything is going good until it's charging me again. How can i do this change without paying again? I am aware that I am not getting reimburstmen...

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Registration for El Tour de Tucson

The system does not allow me to complete the registration process. When I select continue it takes me to a blank screen.

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Registered twice

Hi My friend registered me and didn't realize so I am registered twice. Will you please credit his credit card and cancel confirmation number 6Wnqg22f-fvYrg2fW This is the one I registered 6WnqPWfg-ngY2...

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Name on team registration

on team listing it states anonymous instead of my name, how do I change that?

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