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hide an event

How do I unhide an event? I wanted to hide it for a short time and then put it back on my list of event. But I can't find a method to unhide once it is done.

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6/12/16 WW 10K

If I create a team for the 10K on Sunday, do I have to register everyone all at once to get the discounted rate?

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edit registration

I am registered for the Upper Dublin Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike 2016 and I need to edit my swim time and shirt size. I am logged in to my confirmation and when I click "edit this registration" it t...

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Volunteer registration

I registered to volunteer, and got an email saying the registration is not yet finished because I need to send in payment. The cost is 0 for a volunteer, should I still mail the form in to complete the registr...

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Incorrect birth year on registration

Just noticed my birth date in incorrect on registration for TD Five Boro Ride on Sunday May 1st. I don't see a way to update this data on IMAthlete and don't know if this will be an issue when I go t...

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cell phone

I don't have a cell phone but it a required for a registration (Hospital Hill, Kansas City). Why is it required? I just made up an obvious invalid number and randomly picked a provider. Why is this requ...

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how to use age-group 1st place voucher. There is no "code" on voucher.

I see no area in application to use my free entry voucher from last year's race.

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Can I register someone else after my registration is complete? I want to add someone and use the HEB discount to do so. I am not seeing where I can do this. This would be an individual registration. Also, is ...

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Discounts for groups?

Is there a discount for registering a group of 4? 5?

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registration cash payment

do you accept cash payment for registration at the expo on Sat the 24th?

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