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Donner Kids triathlon

The registration page says the kids triathlon is on july 25, 2016. That is a Monday so I am assuming that is not correct. Please advise. Is it July 23, 2016? Thanks for the help.

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What are the races in Golden Gate Half series

I registered for the Livermore Half Marathon as Golden State Half Series: LIV16, OAK16 & SF16. Which race is SF16? Is it the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 31st, 2016, or the SF Rock n Roll Half Marath...

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Forming a team

If a person registers without signing up with a team, can they go back in later and join the team?

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5K WALK-Saturday 2/20/16

Will this is event be Strictly for Walkers? or will it be a Walk/Run event?

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Austin Half Marathon shirts

Are the training shirts currently being offered at a discount in the online store the same shirts that will be included in the packet for the event??

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Marathon weekend in Philadelphia weekend of November 21,22 I have logged in a few times to get my results and they say they have still not received them... Curious as to when I might expect to be able to v...

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Packet Pickup

can someone else pick up my packet? If so, is there something specific that they need?

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Can you still sign up for the 1/2 next Sunday?

The website states the 1/2 is full. Is there any way to still sign up for next Sunday?

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SPI Marathon

I signed up to volunteer for the SPI Marathon which is this Saturday. I haven't received any instructions. Will I? or do I just show up? -Thanks.

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Why can't I sign up for the 1/2

The sign up field for the 1/2 marathon is no longer available but on the main page is states we may sign up to today 11/11/15. Please let me know how to get this done.

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